New Tradition

H E L L O  W O R L D

I never wanted to do a blog because I'd always pictured it being a place where I had to write daily and give updates on my life or insights on how I manage being a human. And that seemed boring and just overall self indulgent. But today I had an idea- what if I give myself an outline to do each week that's as much of a checkin for me to see what I find inspiring as it is for you?

I spend so much of my time consciously collecting inspiration (via online, in magazines, museums, + books) that I might as well see where where it's heading. Pair that with my unconscious inspiration gathering from the particular podcasts + music I'm listening to, movies + shows I'm watching, places I go, and conversations I have, and I might just have something cool to share weekly.

T H E  P L A N

Each week I'll share 1 of each category:

VIBE (moodboard from images I've been collecting)

PAGE (book/audiobook/podcast)

SCREEN (movie/show)

ANTHEM (song/songs)

ATELIER (image from my studio/life)