Fiercely Fem

T H I S  W E E K

Ah the female body + female empowerment, what great inspiration to draw from! I pulled a lot of images with pastel tones + female models, that also have an undertone of eeriness to them. In my moodboards I like to mix in other categories like architecture, plants, textures, etc along with my more fashion-y and editorial images.

Top Row: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Paolo Roveri for Vogue Italia // Bottom Row: Marrakech, Daniel Jackson for Exhibition Magazine, Outcast Editorial for Oracle Fox, Ramona Zordini

You're gonna see a lot of Young Adult (YA) books posted here. It's what I like to read. I like magic, I like adventure, I like mystery, I like awesome-kick-ass-female-characters-who-find-who-they-are-through-magical-mysterious-adventures. Okay, got that off my chest.

This week I finished the really fantastic Kricket Series by Amy A. Bartol. I started this series listening to the first book, Under Different Stars, as an audiobook while in the studio. Half way through the second book I left to visit home for the holidays so downloaded that one and the third installment. I liked this series so much because Kricket is a cool girl who knows herself well (even after learning she's not what she's always thought she is) and I was able to lose myself in the world, or should I say universe, Bartol created. There's love, but it's handled in a surprising, honest way and it doesn't just get summed up with Kricket meeting the love of her life and staying with them- it evolves like how love does in life and doesn't get stuck being a cliche YA "I met my guy at 17 now all is right in the world" plot. I also like supernatural books that move into having actual romance scenes- I'm and adult, I don't want to only read about high schoolers meeting and being electrified just holding hands. The Kricket Series moves well and is intimate to the characters and the reader- you get pulled in and can really be swallowed up by the story. 

Oh Jessica Jones, you intense, sexy, strong, son of a gun, thank you for kicking ass. As much as I love magic + scifi, I have never been a huge super hero fan. I appreciate the complexity of the Marvel world especially how it's grown and been integrated in the last 10 years to our current entertainment setting, but I'm not googling when the next Avenger's movie is going to premier. What I'm getting at is, I didn't care about Jessica Jones before 2 days ago and even without a love for Marvel, I'm into the show.

I like everything about Krysten Ritter for this role- her body is strong and real, her lips and nose fascinate me (kind of distracting but kind of amazing), her delivery is spot on, and she does a stellar job portraying someone who is personally broken yet fighting to put the pieces back together. I love that the main characters of the show are women- we've even got a lesbian power lawyer dating her secretary, hello cliche role reversal and thank you to the writers. The women in the show are strong, know themselves, and have depth- all things I value in real life so it's awesome to see it portrayed on a show. 

Lady power week let's keep on coming! The Yeah Yeah Yeah's are my newly re-found Pandora playlist I've been jamming to all week as I work in my studio. My favorite song + video of theirs is Heads Will Roll from back in 2009. Any song with the line "Dripping with alchemy" is gonna be in my wheelhouse of favorite tracks. Karen O is also a favorite lady inspiration of mine for her style, smarts and musical magicness. The production design and art direction of the video are killer (see what I did there??) and I find the video inspiring because it tells an independent story from the lyrics. I found this cool little article by the team that shot the video about their process- which is the sort of stuff I look up because it excites me when I get to learn the stuff that went into the finished product.

And the image I leave you with this week from my studio features the awesome prop styling book Styled by Emily Henderson, some jewelry making tools, my bandana I use to cover my forehead while doing things where metal filled dust flies in the air (to try not to break out... not always successful haha), some castings, chain, and business cards.