Accepting Accidents

T H I S  W E E K

I'm definitely surprised to have a light toned inspiration board again this week, but it's what I've been drawn to. This week was filled with learning of unexpected trip opportunities happening in the next three months... and with that I also had one of them fall through and am now in limbo land with trying to get a flight refunded. This board picked up on my emotions of lust + frustration with traveling, and also has some etherial elements to it that leave me feeling hopeful.

Top Row: Pinterest, Pinterest, Sheer Luxe, Pinterest // Bottom Row: Pinterest, Pinterest, Monterrey CA via Annie Bing, Eiko Ishioka

I received a super sweet belated birthday gift from a friend this week, the book Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers. Wabi-Sabi represents a comprehensive Japanese aesthetic centered on the acceptance of imperfection. Author Leonard Koren writes, "(Wabi-Sabi) occupies roughly the same position in the Japanese pantheon of aesthetic values as do the Greek ideals of beauty and perfection in the West. Wabi-Sabi can its fullest expression be a way of life. At the very least, a particular type of beauty". I studied Japanese while in high school and was lucky enough to teach English there during my Junior and Senior year spring breaks. I wasn't familiar with Wabi-Sabi when I visited but looking back now I can see its influence most while at the mountain nature camp where we taught the elementary school students. There was a beauty in the raw landscape, small homes, and acceptance in the rough elegance of nature surrounding the town. This concept allows for the organic elements of the design process to be appreciated and accepted. It's so freeing as an artist to realize there's perfection in the imperfect.

This week I remembered I never had the chance to see Only Lovers Left Alive when it came out in 2013 and it was high time I watch it. I loved the wardrobe, set design and story. It's not your average vampires-in-love movie; it's dark, different, interesting, and in a way, humanistic. Our two main characters, Adam and Eve, need blood to survive, but in the current world most humans blood is contaminated; so they rely on getting "the good stuff" from doctors. Their existence is nearly the same as a drug addict so it's interesting to have such a human condition put on these undead beings. For any Requiem for a Dream nod in the film, the story line stands on its own away from the dependency to blood, and makes this movie its own.

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Phantogram is a band I found totally randomly a few years ago after looking up who was playing at a nearby venue. My favorite song of theirs is Mouthful of Diamonds and I was reminded of it this week while looking at a behind the scenes video edit of the Dea Dia lookbook shoot I Creative Directed last week. It had the right moody yet sweet tone to it that fits the visuals from that shoot.

One of the mentioned travel opportunities coming up is a trip to sell some of my work at a particular event in California so I've been sourcing items I want to use on my display table. I figured I might as well get to have the lovely design elements, like dyed blue amethyst specimens under bell jars, out in my studio until I need to pack them up in March. I styled this little dude on top of my inspiration magazine stack next to a pair of really cool asymmetrical antlers I got from Digs (you can see the little antler in the mirror's reflection).

Destination Destiny

T H I S  W E E K

I've been feeling this mix of lighter poppy-er colors paired with subtle muted tones. For someone who owns little to no pink in their wardrobe/life, I've been really drawn to it in my mood imagery lately. I like the mix of togetherness and solitude in this board because that's also a reflection of how I am; I'm an only child so I definitely like alone time but I've been pushing myself and doing more group meetings/hangouts and really enjoying it. I live in Portland and on Tuesdays twice a month I go to The Rising Tide Society get togethers where we do worksheets relating to small business aspects, this week it was goal setting, and it's been a great way for me to meet other small businesses owners- and on top of that, it's usually female small business owners which is really helpful and inspiring.

Top Row: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Raffaele Cariou for Novembre Magazine // Bottom Row: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Walter Van Beirendonck

This week I started reading The Birth of Venus which is a historical novel taking place in Florence Italy during the early 1500's. I'm only a few chapters in but so far it's grabbed my interest. The prologue left off on a crazy weird cliff hanger and I'm now just getting into the story of 15 year old Alessandra and the young artist who has just moved in with her family so her can paint their portraits for the next few years. I was lucky enough to live and study in Florence in the summer of 2012 when I took courses at Alchima the Contemporary Jewellery School. My last two weeks I was the only student in whole building which was simultaneously cool and overwhelming. I'd only done about 3 jewelry courses while in college at that time so I was thrown into the deep end of having an open studio education that summer. I didn't have a thesis or focus so the program really had me try to figure out what I was drawn to in jewelry and design. But I digress haha, so far I'm into this book and hope to get more time to read it this coming week.

Yoooooo, the movie Predestination is INSANE. It's like if Looper and Inception had a baby, and then that baby, had a baby with itself. The sets and costumes are great and the Spierig Brothers did a fantastic job directing it. I definitely did not hear about this movie when it came out in 2014 and I don't know why- it's really cool and really well done. There were two "oh f*ck, really?!" moments that had the slow start pay off. By the end I was like, "Okay. Okay? Okay!?!?!?". So all in all, one awesome mind trip of a movie.

Inferno by Cyril Hahn was played incessantly in my studio this week. I love the hype vibe with the repeating "okay" and then the female vocals work well with the song. I feel like I want to be driving through the forest and/or running on a foggy beach while listening to this. Cyril Hahn is one of my favorite artists for his remixes (like Say My Name) and it's easy for me to listen to his work while I do my work since it's atmospheric.

I had the awesome opportunity to creative direct, style and produce the newest lookbook for Portland based jewelry design company Dea Dia. I've been moving into doing more creative directing in 2016 (portfolio of that work here) so this was a great way to kick off the new year. My studio this week was filled with moodboards, hair + makeup ideas, wardrobe prep and prop sourcing- basically a fantastic week.

Fiercely Fem

T H I S  W E E K

Ah the female body + female empowerment, what great inspiration to draw from! I pulled a lot of images with pastel tones + female models, that also have an undertone of eeriness to them. In my moodboards I like to mix in other categories like architecture, plants, textures, etc along with my more fashion-y and editorial images.

Top Row: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Paolo Roveri for Vogue Italia // Bottom Row: Marrakech, Daniel Jackson for Exhibition Magazine, Outcast Editorial for Oracle Fox, Ramona Zordini

You're gonna see a lot of Young Adult (YA) books posted here. It's what I like to read. I like magic, I like adventure, I like mystery, I like awesome-kick-ass-female-characters-who-find-who-they-are-through-magical-mysterious-adventures. Okay, got that off my chest.

This week I finished the really fantastic Kricket Series by Amy A. Bartol. I started this series listening to the first book, Under Different Stars, as an audiobook while in the studio. Half way through the second book I left to visit home for the holidays so downloaded that one and the third installment. I liked this series so much because Kricket is a cool girl who knows herself well (even after learning she's not what she's always thought she is) and I was able to lose myself in the world, or should I say universe, Bartol created. There's love, but it's handled in a surprising, honest way and it doesn't just get summed up with Kricket meeting the love of her life and staying with them- it evolves like how love does in life and doesn't get stuck being a cliche YA "I met my guy at 17 now all is right in the world" plot. I also like supernatural books that move into having actual romance scenes- I'm and adult, I don't want to only read about high schoolers meeting and being electrified just holding hands. The Kricket Series moves well and is intimate to the characters and the reader- you get pulled in and can really be swallowed up by the story. 

Oh Jessica Jones, you intense, sexy, strong, son of a gun, thank you for kicking ass. As much as I love magic + scifi, I have never been a huge super hero fan. I appreciate the complexity of the Marvel world especially how it's grown and been integrated in the last 10 years to our current entertainment setting, but I'm not googling when the next Avenger's movie is going to premier. What I'm getting at is, I didn't care about Jessica Jones before 2 days ago and even without a love for Marvel, I'm into the show.

I like everything about Krysten Ritter for this role- her body is strong and real, her lips and nose fascinate me (kind of distracting but kind of amazing), her delivery is spot on, and she does a stellar job portraying someone who is personally broken yet fighting to put the pieces back together. I love that the main characters of the show are women- we've even got a lesbian power lawyer dating her secretary, hello cliche role reversal and thank you to the writers. The women in the show are strong, know themselves, and have depth- all things I value in real life so it's awesome to see it portrayed on a show. 

Lady power week let's keep on coming! The Yeah Yeah Yeah's are my newly re-found Pandora playlist I've been jamming to all week as I work in my studio. My favorite song + video of theirs is Heads Will Roll from back in 2009. Any song with the line "Dripping with alchemy" is gonna be in my wheelhouse of favorite tracks. Karen O is also a favorite lady inspiration of mine for her style, smarts and musical magicness. The production design and art direction of the video are killer (see what I did there??) and I find the video inspiring because it tells an independent story from the lyrics. I found this cool little article by the team that shot the video about their process- which is the sort of stuff I look up because it excites me when I get to learn the stuff that went into the finished product.

And the image I leave you with this week from my studio features the awesome prop styling book Styled by Emily Henderson, some jewelry making tools, my bandana I use to cover my forehead while doing things where metal filled dust flies in the air (to try not to break out... not always successful haha), some castings, chain, and business cards.

New Tradition

H E L L O  W O R L D

I never wanted to do a blog because I'd always pictured it being a place where I had to write daily and give updates on my life or insights on how I manage being a human. And that seemed boring and just overall self indulgent. But today I had an idea- what if I give myself an outline to do each week that's as much of a checkin for me to see what I find inspiring as it is for you?

I spend so much of my time consciously collecting inspiration (via online, in magazines, museums, + books) that I might as well see where where it's heading. Pair that with my unconscious inspiration gathering from the particular podcasts + music I'm listening to, movies + shows I'm watching, places I go, and conversations I have, and I might just have something cool to share weekly.

T H E  P L A N

Each week I'll share 1 of each category:

VIBE (moodboard from images I've been collecting)

PAGE (book/audiobook/podcast)

SCREEN (movie/show)

ANTHEM (song/songs)

ATELIER (image from my studio/life)